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4 Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Travel Nursing CompanyTravel Nurse

Travel nursing is one of the fastest growing professions in the U.S., and choosing the right staffing agency can make or break your success. To make the best decision, carefully evaluate each staffing agency in regard to these four key components that combine to create a total package from any prospective agency. The right agency will deliver the best balance of these components to yield a smooth and peaceful career relationship.


Some agencies offer higher salaries than others; however, it’s important to understand that salaries are based upon varying factors such as location availability, need-to-fill assignments, and cost of living.

Agencies typically offer noticeably higher rates when they wish to fill assignments where nurse-to-patient ratios are very low or in situations where a facility has extreme patient needs. If you’re attracted by very high dollars, these types of assignments could be ideal, but they often come with greater challenges, like a larger workload.

Location greatly affects salary, so recognize the relationship that exists between salary dollars and cost of living. You might earn a lower salary in an exotic location and, inversely, a larger salary in a less exotic location.


What some companies may lack in salary, they make up for with benefits.  Many agencies offer benefits programs that revolve around monetary bonuses or discounted luxury housing, and a few companies even offer free housing.  When the salary is low, the agency is often prepared to compensate you with benefits to save daily, monthly, and annual expenses.  Decide what benefits are most important, and then ask the agency to assist in developing a package tailored to your individual needs.


Assignment selection, travel assistance, and follow-up with a live recruiter who is in tune with your needs and able to promptly assist can make a huge difference in your daily happiness, so make a mental note of which agencies are able to deliver the personal attention you require.  In fact, your criteria may change from one assignment to another, so customer service is paramount.  Determine what you need most and then find out which agencies can deliver.


While some nurses demand high salary, premium benefits and career flexibility, many others just want to travel and see the world.  If you’re an adventurer who cares more about the travel experience than the money, you’ll need an agency that offers you the locations you want.

A travel nursing career can be an exciting and rewarding choice, but it’s important to select a company who will partner with you every step of the way.  Through careful insight and research, you can find the agency that meets your requirements to make this career choice.

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