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Here's what the other job boards won't tell you…

Shady practices and lofty promises can leave travelers stranded and careers off track.

Just ask Amy Morgan*, a recent nursing graduate who answered the alluring call of one of the many online staffing companies at a nursing job board.  Told she would enjoy superior working conditions and a gorgeous, spacious apartment, Amy eagerly signed up for what sounded like a dream-come-true assignment.

“The recruiter [from the posting company] told me she’d put me on the nursing fast track,” she recalls. “We had a great rapport immediately, and she bragged about the company’s prompt payment policy.”  Upon placement, though, she discovered a very different reality.  “The gorgeous ocean-view apartment was small, dark and in an unsafe neighborhood, and my roommate’s boyfriend was a permanent fixture.  My assignment required longer hours than expected among a stretched staff caught in the middle of a management power struggle.  Plus, getting paid on time by the staffing company was like pulling teeth.  I certainly didn’t feel that I was on any ‘fast track,’” she sadly remembers. 

Disappointment turned to anger when she contacted her staffing company.  After several attempts to reach the recruiter who placed her, she was finally told the recruiter didn’t handle candidates post-placement.  She calmly explained her situation to a customer service agent.  “They told me I could request a new assignment—after I completed this one.”  Amy was stuck for ten weeks.  “I was completely miserable.”

Unfortunately, Amy’s experience isn’t uncommon.  Many nursing travelers—especially those new to traveling—succumb to the undeniable appeal of job boards.  Well-positioned in search rankings and full of inviting opportunities in exciting locales, the new wave of nursing job boards lure travelers from all ages and experience levels. 

To safely and successfully use these boards, it’s important to do a little investigative work before signing up for placement.  What these job boards will tell you is far less important than what they won’t.  Here, we offer key details that many job boards don’t always disclose—and why you should be concerned.

  1. Job Sources.  Those boards have plenty of job openings, and, eager travelers need to understand how those opportunities make their way to job boards.  First, realize job boards are just that—boards.  Lots of companies use boards to post their jobs, but the boards do not authorize, endorse or accept responsibility for any posted jobs. In other words, many boards act as intermediaries.  They simply post what they receive.  Does that mean all boards are bad?  Definitely not.  Second, realize job boards that claim to have millions of great jobs are simply saying whatever it takes to get you to visit.  What you do upon arrival is your own business, at your own risk. 
  1. Background Information.  If a twelve-week assignment in Hawaii promising luxury housing, great work-life balance, a state-of-the-art facility and extra perks sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  If you aren’t familiar with the staffing company posting the job, the board should be able to provide background information.  Sadly, many job boards don’t screen their posters, verify their policies, or collect feedback from seasoned travelers as well as employers.  Credible boards will screen posters and disclose information, including employers’ opinions, about posting companies.  Your career has a better chance of flourishing by using a board that takes a more proactive approach—postings will be from preferred companies, enabling you to access prestigious assignments and join a more skillful and desirable group of travelers.
  1. Do Your Homework.  Credible boards that proactively screen staffing companies and disclose information can only help you so far in your career.  As a traveler building your career, you must take an active role.  Think twice about boards promising to handle everything for you while you simply sit back and select dream assignments.  It’s important to remember that any successful career path requires partnership between employer and employee.  If you’re unsure about how to evaluate a staffing company and a potential assignment to ensure it’s the right fit for you, contact the job board.  Good boards will offer suggestions and advice and provide you with the tools to make an informed decision.

Travel nursing can be an enriching, rewarding and exciting career.  It can be equally fun to click through and discover new job boards flush with opportunities, yet it’s also important to do some homework and carefully evaluate each job board in order to enjoy a safe and successful career.

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