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Hawaii.  Just the names conjure up images of gorgeous and rocky islands with flowing turquoise waters and dancing hula girls.  These are indeed some of the attractions and draws to Hawaii, but there are plenty of others as well.  Hawaii offers a more profound experience of island life, full of the culture, heritage, and history of Polynesia and the central Pacific. Hawaii is so well-known for its myriad attractions and the allure of what it has that visitors don't often think about what it doesn't have. While you'll be thrilled by sensuous beaches, amazing scenery, and a balmy climate on your next travel nursing job, you'll probably never miss snakes, seagulls, poison ivy, and commercial billboards. You won’t even have to mess with daylight savings time in Hawaii!  If all this sounds too good to be true, you’ll have to take a travel nursing job to Hawaii to find out for yourself.

We have plenty of travel nursing jobs in Hawaii for RNs, LPNs, surgical techs, and school nurses – browse our jobs below or apply now.

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