Kansas prides itself on the notion of having some of the greatest arts and entertainment options in all of the Midwest. Come experience yourself by taking a travel nursing job here. Your stereotypes of the state of Kansas will be blown away when you realize the notion of great entertainment options is absolutely true.  These tremendous options include live theater performances, toe-tapping music and the ability to dance the night away. The capital of Kansas is Topeka and the city shines with elegance, class and a welcoming spirit.  Take a tour of the state capital building and be amazed at the awe-inspiring portraits and murals painted by artist John Steuart Curry.  From the lush landscape to the great entertainment, Kansas is beyond compare.

We are currently seeking RNs, LPNs, surgical techs, and school nurses for travel nursing jobs throughout the state of Kansas.  To find your next travel nursing job, browse our Kansas hot jobs below or apply now.

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