At the center of the American Southwest, at the very heart of the culture, history and beauty of the region is New Mexico.  If you love sunshine, you have to take a travel nursing job in this beautiful state.  On average, New Mexico receives an incredible 310 days of bright, sun-shining rapture.  Now what to do with that sunshine?  What’s not to do?  Pretend you are a cowboy herding the cattle to market, soar high into the skies in a hot air balloon or hit the links for 18 holes of fun in pure mountain-topped bliss. Having perhaps the most distinct culture in all of America, New Mexico celebrates its heritage by highlighting the African-American, Asian, Middle Eastern and Native American influences on the area.  Museums highlighting this history are prevalent.  Oh yea, and the food!  Much of it is based on native ingredients like corn, beans, squash and chiles, and by chiles we mean HOT chiles.  Grab a quenching drink and dig in during your next travel nursing job to New Mexico!

We have an abundance of traveling nursing jobs in New Mexico for RNs, LPNs, surgical techs, and school nurses.  Search our New Mexico travel nursing jobs below.

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